Learn SwiftUI 3 framework with this reference guide

SwiftUI 3 Reference Guide

What will you learn?

This SwiftUI 3 Reference Guide is featuring all major updates and improvements of Apple’s native user interface framework. It covers not only the basics but more advanced topics as well such as asynchronous task, pull to refresh, search bar, custom swipe action buttons, remote image from an URL, visual effect blur, dismissing the keyboard, markdown text, new alerts & action sheets API, etc.

Learn how to use watchOS with SwiftUI

By developing this Notes app, we will learn how to save notes directly to the watch. Then we will see how we can browse through and read all notes using a SwiftUI list. Of course, there will be deleting any notes option too.

Besides that, we will create a well-designed detail view for each note item.
You will be surprised how many input solutions are provided for us by the watchOS framework.

For example, users can dictate, scribble, select one of the emojis or type text using the iPhone or even iPad devices.

But we won't stop learning the basics, and we are going to extra mile by developing an extra feature: a setting to adjust the number of text lines in the notes collection.

We will focus on using SwiftUI instead of using the old WatchKit framework since it is a cross-platform toolkit.


You can download the PDF workbook file of this complete SwiftUI 3 framework tutorials and take a deep look at all of the various app development topics that we’re going to cover.

Master Apple’s SwiftUI 3 framework

Asset files and Graphics

Unlike any other online SwiftUI courses and books, this masterclass provides you professionally-made asset files, such as graphics, app icons, sounds, and so on.

These supplemental learning materials will give you a real-life experience of how a professional app developer works within a real-life environment with UI designers together.

My goal with all this, to help you to enjoy the development process, so you can be satisfied by looking at the finished application.

SwiftUI 3 Tutorials

  •   Requirements

    In this reference guide, we will learn everything about the latest improvements and features of Apple’s native user interface framework.
    First and foremost, you will need Xcode 13 installed on your computer. Because it is in beta, therefore you need to visit Apple’s official developer website and download Xcode.

  •   Async Image

    In this SwiftUI tutorial, we will learn how to load and display an image asynchronously from the Internet. Until the remote image loads, the view displays either a standard or a custom-built placeholder. To gain more control over the loading process, we can use the initializer, which takes a content closure that receives an Async Image Phase to indicate the state of the loading operation. 

  •   Coming Soon

    The next SwiftUI topic will be uploaded soon to this new course. Until then, happy coding!

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