Learn how to build an iOS and macOS app with SwiftUI

Practical SwiftUI 3 Tutorials

Learn how to develop and design apps with SwiftUI in Xcode by doing many hands-on tutorials like 100 Days Of Code from Paul Hudson. This complete course is all about iOS and macOS app development with SwiftUI for total beginners to advanced developers. It is already a 27+ hours course for developers and designers teaching custom app layouts, interactive animations, user interface components, loading external API data, integrating Core Data, and so on with SwiftUI framework. Learn to build many iOS, iPadOS and even macOS apps from scratch.

Learn what is new in the SwiftUI 3 framework

  •   Requirements

    In this reference guide, we will learn everything about the latest improvements and features of Apple’s native user interface framework: SwiftUI 3.  
    First and foremost, you will need Xcode 13 installed on your computer. Because it is in beta, therefore you need to visit Apple’s official developer website and download Xcode.

  •   Async Image

    In this SwiftUI tutorial, we will learn how to load and display an image asynchronously from the Internet. Until the remote image loads, the view displays either a standard or a custom-built placeholder. To gain more control over the loading process, we can use the initializer, which takes a content closure that receives an Async Image Phase to indicate the state of the loading operation. 

  •   Coming Soon

    The next SwiftUI topic will be uploaded soon to this new course. Until then, happy coding!

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This is the official website of the SwiftUI Masterclass 2021 - iOS 15 App Development & Swift 5 course.
In every month we will add a new project and learning materials to the best SwiftUI course in 2021 and beyond. By the end of this year this online course will be more than 50+ hours long.

Robert Petras
The difference between a good and a great SwiftUI app often comes from the little details. 
In this iOS 15 SwiftUI 3 Course, you will learn to create excellent apps!

Robert Petras
iOS App Developer, UI/UX Designer and 3D Artist

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