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SwiftUI Masterclass
SwiftUI Course

App Development

  • Complete SwiftUI course

  • iOS app development

  • macOS app development

  • Core Data tutorials

  • App user interface design

  • Swift programming language

  • SwiftUI framework fundamentals

  • Get familiar with Xcode

Apple’s best user interface framework

Learn how to develop and design apps. Practical tutorials about iOS app development with SwiftUI from total beginners to advanced developers. Learn how to build many iOS, iPadOS and even macOS apps from scratch. This course is teaching custom app layouts, interactive animations, user interface components, loading external data, and so on.

Augmented Reality Masterclass
UI/UX Course

UI/UX Design

  • User Interface design

  • User Experience design

  • App icon design

  • Prototyping applications

  • Creating Design Systems

  • Vector editing

  • Creating reusable components

  • Developer handoff and collaboration

UI/UX design for mobile and desktop apps


Create, prototype, collaborate, and bring your mobile or desktop app ideas to life with the design platform used by over one million people Sketch App — from freelancers, to the world’s largest teams like Apple, Google, MIT, Porsche, Stripe, etc.

Augmented Reality Masterclass
AR Course

Spatial Computing

  • VisionOS platform

  • Spatial Computing with AR/VR

  • RealityKit framework

  • ARKit framework

  • Reality Composer tool

  • Next-generation AR apps

  • USDZ file

  • 3D models for AR applications

App development for Vision Pro headset


Start developing the next-generation spatial computing applications for Apple Vision Pro devices using the new visionOS platform, including ARKit, RealityKit, and creative tools like Reality Composer and Reality Converter, and much more.

Blender 3D Masterclass
Blender 3D Course

Blender 3D

  • 3D modeling

  • 3D illustration

  • 3D character design

  • 3D animation

  • 3D rendering

  • 3D asset creation creation

  • 3D models for augmented reality

  • 3D object creation for Xcode

3D modeling, 3D illustration, 3D animation


Blender 3D is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, augmented reality, and computer games.

Exclusive Bonus Materials

Royalty free and downloadable bonus materials like editable vector illustrations, UI kits, app templates, 3d objects and ebooks.


Only for members.


Creative illustrations for application in Sketch, SVG, PDF and PNG formats

UI Kits

Ready-to-use mobile and dekstop UI Kits and Design Systems made with Sketch


Useful learning materials about Coding Best Practices, UI Design and Shortcuts.

3D Materials

Inspiring Blender 3D resources to energize your creative workflow

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Hands-On Tutorials

Build up your development or creative  portfolio with real projects.

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We are adding new top-notch courses monthly basis.

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This online academy provides high-quality learning materials.

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All resource files and source codes are downloadable with ease.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to learn native mobile and desktop development is to learn the Swift programming language and master Apple's latest user interface framework: SwiftUI. You can create applications with less code using SwiftUI in the Xcode editor.

Design Systems are often called the single source of truth which groups all the UI elements that will allow development teams to realize and develop a product. Design systems are a set of deliverables. They are also constantly evolving with the product and the new technologies.

With Apple's ARKit and RealityKit frameworks we can create augmented reality experiences for hundreds of millions of users on iOS and iPadOS. Apple's iPhone and iPad is the biggest AR platform in the world.

The best 3D application on Macintosh computers is the Blender. Blender 3D is free and open-sourced so you can use it to model, animate and render amazing 3D objects.

More Tutorials ♥︎ More Courses

In every month we will add a new project and learning materials to the best SwiftUI , Blender 3D and Augmented Reality courses in 2024 and beyond. By the end of 2023 the learning library will be more than 50+ hours long.

SwiftUI Students from all around the world
Hands-On UI/UX design tutorials

Learn UI/UX design, App Development, Blender 3D and Augmented Reality from anywhere

This is the most complete iOS App Development Course covering the SwiftUI framework. Visually learn SwiftUI and build top-notch iOSapps, iPadOS apps, Apple Watch apps, and even macOS apps! Let us introduce you to the complete SwiftUI Masterclass Course, your quickstart reference guide in iOS development.

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iPhone app development with SwiftUI

What will you get?

Learn by Building Apps with SwiftUI Framework. This up-to-date SwiftUI course contains step by step instructions to teach you how to build several fully-fledged native iOS apps, iPadOS apps, macOS apps, and even watchOS applications programming in Xcode editor.

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Robert Petras

Robert Petras

Hi, I am an Apple App Developer and the lead instructor of the best-seller visual SwiftUI Masterclass living in the European Union. I teach iOS, macOS, watchOS, and visionOS app development using Apple's native SwiftUI framework with the Swift programming language. 

If you would like to build  apps with outstanding quality for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Macintosh computers, please join this exclusive SwiftUI Masterclass course on Udemy and become a well-paid iOS and spatial computing developer.

Recently I started teaching 3D modeling, 3D character design, 3D illustration, and 3D animation with the popular open source and free Blender 3D software for Apple Macintosh computer users.

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Main learning objectives

As a student in this masterclass, you're going to create dozens of eye-catchy apps with the latest and most remarkable technologies that Apple has recently released, such as:

1. The SwiftUI which is an entirely new declarative user interface design framework
2. The Combine framework which helps developers work with events
3. The Mac Catalyst, which is designed to allow developers to bring iPad apps to Mac.

If you're someone who wants to get a job as an iOS or macOS developer, this masterclass is perfect for building up your professional portfolio to show off at your next interview. They will be interested in your work, after all.

On the other hand, if you're somebody who wants to build your very own apps for your startup business, then in addition to all of the coding tutorials, I have also included full exercises on user interface design and app animation.

You should know that this course assumes absolutely no prior programming experience. So if you're a complete beginner, then I'll be there for you and guide you in this program.

Finally, if you're an experienced developer, on the other hand, I'm sure that you will find plenty of advanced Swift 5 programming best practices as well.

That being said, by the end of the course, you'll know how to develop, design, and publish your next app into the Apple App Store.

Learn SwiftUI Framework

Getting started with SwiftUI and learn iOS mobile and macOS desktop app development by building hands-on mobile and desktop apps.
These hands-on video tutorials will teach you everything that you need to know to become a well-rounded app developer.

Watch Tutorials in 4K

Advanced Hand Gestures

Learn how to add more complex hand gestures to your iPhone and iPad application with SwiftUI.

Advanced App design

Learn how to develop a complex iPhone app screen with custom SwiftUI user interface elements.

Apple Watch app

Learn how to develop a watchOS application with the SwiftUI framework in the Xcode editor

Core Data app

Learn how to create a personal to-dos application with the Core Data and the SwiftUI framework

Ecommerce prototype

Learn how to prototype an ecommerce app with Apple's SwiftUI framework

SwiftUI with JSON

Learn how to decode JSON data with the SwiftUI framework in Xcode editor

iOS Onboarding App

Learn how to develop a full-featured Onboarding app with iOS and SwiftUI

Todo App

Learn how to develop a Todo app with Core Data and SwiftUI in Xcode.

SwiftUI Mac App

Learn how to build an iOS and macOS app with SwiftUI and Mac Catalyst.

Avocado Recipe App

Learn how to develop a complex iOS app layout with SwiftUI and Swift 5.

Honeymoon App

Learn how to develop a Tinder like iOS app with advanced SwiftUI gestures.

Cards App

Let’s build your first SwiftUI mobile application in Xcode with this online tutorial.

Stephen DeStefano iOS Developer

As a fellow instructor here on Udemy, who myself am always looking to learn new ways to work with Swift and SwiftUI, I can say this is an amazing course on SwiftUI, Robert truly is a master at design and function. His attention to detail and best coding practices are far and above any other course I have seen. His explanations will make coding along super easy for you. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has some Swift background and is looking to get in to SwiftUI development.

Stephen DeStefano

iOS and macOS Developer
January 16, 2020

Students Wrote About the Course

John G. Krywko

Nico van der Linden

I have to admit... when I bought and started the first lessons I almost decided to ask for a refund because of the dialect of the teacher... however I am SO happy that I did not because I did not buy this course to hear great English I did it to learn programming SwiftUI. I have to admit that I did had some pre-knowledge otherwise this course might have gone to quick but man... Robert does know what he is talking about and this design skills are the best I have ever seen... don't skip this learning course just because of the teachers voice because it is one of the best trainings about SwiftUI I have ever seen, thank you SO much Robert!

John G. Krywko

Nicola Bruttomesso

Beatuful course with beautiful apps. I have 3 advice:

1. Try to talk with a voice less robotic and more friendly
2. Try to explain better the code that you write mostly in the last up that the code is more advanced
3. The theory lessons don't needed because when you build the apps you already explain the concept.

John G. Krywko

Michael Camp

This class has guided me through learning so many fascinating and useful parts of SwiftUI! In my opinion, this is a course for people who already have iOS coding experience and want to expand to SwiftUI. This course takes many turns down extremely technical trails that might leave the youngest student confused, but a slightly more advanced student will appreciate the level of detail and thoughtful code and ingenious application design. I am so glad I found this course! 10 out of 10!

John G. Krywko

Venkatesh Munaga

I have just finished the section 2 of the course and there is no other course on udemy that goes this deep on design in iOS development and also excited for other sections to offer. But before taking this course a good understanding of swift is required.

John G. Krywko

Ian Flanagan

This is one of, if not the best, course I have taken on Udemy. I am still working my way through it, but the quality of the apps both in terms of functionality and appearance really is terrific. At the price it is, I'd highly recommend it.

John G. Krywko

Jawad Ashraf

Right on the mark. I would like to add further, I have never seen such elegant interface design being implemented so effortlessly. Very Impressive.

John G. Krywko

Herie Marie A. Estaño

I think this project is good for beginners in Swift and iOs. I am a beginner and I want to really understand the concepts.

John G. Krywko

Defne Yunusoğlu

Good examples, very clean coding and excellent techniques to teach! Also I'm a beginner, I just only started to learn coding on Xcode a few months ago, but it was not SwiftUI. Within days, I finished the first project of this course, it was very easy to follow and very colorful. :)
I should also thank Mr.Stephen deStefano who refers me to this course before starting to learn SwiftUI Animations. He's right, this course covers all the basics for SwiftUI. Excellent! :) Thank you Mr.Robert Petras.

John G. Krywko

Oluwakemi Mary Omoshoro

I am so Happy Enrolling In This Course.
Good job instructor, you are the best, thank you so much and am looking forward to more new courses from you.

John G. Krywko

Miguel Mejia

Hi Robert. I really enjoy to learn and understand how SwiftUI improve the way of programming into Apple environment.
Your examples are really amazing!. I mean, I take a lot of courses, but you spend part of the time improving the UI, not only made the things works, so it's pretty cool.
Now. One of the things that I detect are regarding the components into the views, for example H,V or Zstack. I think that maybe you can spend some time explain how this component works for clarify and not just put the code (I go to the apple documents in order to understand how it works).
Finally, I tipically add my projects into github for code mantaining and keeping safe in case of any event into my ladtop. so, ¿Can I add the code to github or there's any restriction about it?
Thanks in advance and congratulations for your dedication :D

John G. Krywko

Raghu V. T.

Normally , most of the trainers design the course with coding examples, could be some decent real applications also, but the focus of all those examples are, just to ensure the concept covered is well understood for the students , and never it is a production quality app.

Surprisingly, Here I could see that enormous effort is put UX design and all assets created are better than any best apps available in app store.

...Anyway, the course is quite worthy.

John G. Krywko

KrisDa SiangChaew

This is one of the most fun and informative SwiftUI course I've taken on Udemy! The instructor has clearly put a lot of efforts in preparing the teaching materials and code-along resources. Getting to make beautiful apps at the end of each chapter really motivates me to keep going. I have some prior knowledge of Swift and SwiftUI. And I find the content to be very up to date with introduction to many latest SwiftUI features. Also I pick up many good SwiftUI coding tips and practices as I progress thru the course. I think many people will enjoy learning SwiftUI with this course.

John G. Krywko

Andrew Barsby

What a course. Truly some great insights in SwiftUI. Robert has certainly put a lot of effort and work into the course content and it shows. If you're interested in learning SwiftUI then look no further that this Masterclass. Well done Robert and happy coding.

John G. Krywko

Christoph Bennett

I really like Robert's style: I enjoy how we get to gradually build the apps with him. His approach is very modular and he teaches some great code practices from the get-go. It is very easy to follow and understand.

I also have to say that all of the demo apps built in this course look stellar - he also has a great eye for designs!

This course really got me started with seriously developing in SwiftUI. Highly recommended!

John G. Krywko

Eric Hixon

This has been a very good and up to date course. He is also responsive about making changes as Apple has changed Xcode and SwiftUI since he made the course. The graphics are nicely designed and the apps look cool. I find his designs are useful. I would like some more detail on MVVM and MVC though as apps get more complex and based on dynamic data.

John G. Krywko

Mindsect Corp

There are so many great things to say about this course:

1) Learn by Doing - Robert has surpassed the majority of his peers by doing one thing and one thing only: FOLLOW THROUGH INSTRUCTION. There are so many courses that start out great by showing you exactly what you do and then during the second and third project, you are instructed to download a huge code base and work within it. Every single project that Robert has provided for his students are gone through, step by step.
2) Updates - We were completely satisfied when Robert provided a prefacing course that debuted how to create a SwiftUI project using Xcode Beta for iOS 14. Preemptive instruction is worth 5 stars alone.
3) Understanding - Robert seems to have a Spanish accent and we love it. Many instructors may not have a common British or American accent when it comes to English and it often will affect their teaching methods. Robert's accent is not only refreshing, but we love the fact it's CLEAR and CONSISTENT. He often uses congratulatory phrases and encourages his students. This is all 100% bonus for his course.
4) Feedback - Many instructors are great with feedback because so many questions are left after taking their course! First, not many questions are left after taking Robert's course because everything was expressed so clearly in the first place! However, there are technical questions or possible student misunderstandings. Robert engages his students quickly and it is very helpful.
5) Relatability - There are a few areas in which Apple updates portions of Xcode and there isn't a straight forward answer. Robert provides solutions as a part of his courses and they are very helpful. In many ways, Robert is teaching you from scratch, but in others, he has taught so well that you are now learning as he goes. That is the sign of a great instructor.

John G. Krywko

Doug Taggart

I've completed all sections at this point, except the few lectures unpublished in Africa App. I would say that Robert's style of teaching is really a "Learn by Doing" model. If you're completely new to Swift and SwiftUI it might be a bit intimidating, since he dives right into it.

However, if you're open to learning through what you're exposed to and reading up on aspects of the language and SwiftUI framework, I find it very engaging and just so well developed. His aesthetic and process are superb, in both the materials provided and the instructional sequence.

The apps are wonderful examples of what CAN be done in your own apps, and really helps you build a foundation to work on your own app designs using SwiftUI. I'm going to refactor an app I have in beta to completely use SwiftUI for the UI next!

Thanks Robert for a wonderful course experience.

John G. Krywko

Daniel Platt

If you want to know what each app doesn't I would suggest going straight to download the code, because those spinning adverts for the apps make it very difficult to follow.
The course does teach you Swift but is lacking in many different concepts.

For example, the only app that persists any data is the todo app, which is currently broken in Xcode 12 (you can't edit an item).
In terms of storage, there is nothing on document-based apps or no cloud-kit. Each app is as simple as they look.

The todo app is described as being CRUD, but there is no way to actually update the records, which makes it a very frustrating example.

I was hoping for a lot more for something that bills itself as a master class and the "Complete App Development Course".
The course description mentions WatchOS and Widgets, but there is nothing about them in the course, or even coming soon.
I hope in a few months the course will be worthy of those descriptions. I am not a Swift developer, but I have learnt bits and pieces from YouTube videos in a few hours.
I am looking for a course that is more advanced than basic, but less heavy than Apple's documentation. Something that can show me how to build an app like the Apple Notes and Reminders apps, that work locally, but also sync across all devices.

All that said, if you are an absolute beginner, then I would recommend the course.

"The difference between a good and a great SwiftUI app often comes from the little details. 
With the right learning materials and teacher you can create excellent apps!"

Robert Petras

SwiftUI Course
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