Learn how to build an iOS and macOS app with SwiftUI

Develop a Mac App with SwiftUI

What will you learn?

In this SwiftUI tutorial you will learn how to create not only an iPhone and iPad mobile app but a Mac app with SwiftUI in Xcode as well. We’re going to develop an outstanding iOS and iPadOS application with custom-tailored design by using Apple’s latest SwiftUI framework. In these video tutorials, we will use the User’s Defaults in order to save and retrieve data permanently.

What will you learn and what are the main objectives of this SwiftUI project?

How to build a fun Slot Machine minigame. How to build an iPhone and iPad app with outstanding graphics. How to store data with User Defaults. How to create a macOS application with Mac Catalyst.


You can download the pdf workbook file and take a look all of the various iOS mobile app development topics that we’re going to cover in this SwiftUI tutorial.

What will you create?

What are the main objectives of this SwiftUI tutorial?

  • Build your first iOS and macOS game with SwiftUI and Mac Catalyst

  • Let’s set up the Slot Machine iOS and macOS app project in Xcode

  • Let's create a Launch Screen with a Storyboard file in Xcode

  • Let's build up the Slot Machine minigame’s header view

  • Let's build up the Slot Machine minigame’s main view with the reels

  • Let's build up the Slot Machine minigame’s footer view

  • Let's create the Info View with SwiftUI form

  • How to develop the main logic of the game

  • Let’s develop the logic of the betting system in Swift

  • How to save data permanently: Introduction to User’s Defaults

  • How to store the game’s High Score using User’s Defaults

  • How to retrieve data from User’s Defaults with Swift language

  • Let’s develop the logic of the Game Reset’s button

  • Add animation to the Slot Machine game using SwiftUI

  • Add sound effects and a background music to the SwiftUI game

  • Implement haptic feedback and improve the overall user interaction

  • Let’s refactor the code and create reusable components with SwiftUI

  • Let’s create your first macOS app using the Mac Catalist framework

SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 - iOS App Development & Swift

From totally beginner to advanced iOS app developer with this complete iOS SwiftUI development course programming in Xcode.


This iOS app development tutorial is part of the SwiftUI Masterclass Course.

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