Learn how to build an Onboarding app with SwiftUI 2

Learn how to develop an iPhone app from scratch

What will you learn?

In this SwiftUI tutorial you will learn how to develop an Onboarding screen for iOS application in Xcode editor. By building Fructus app, a colorful encyclopedia of fruits you will learn many new features that Apple's engineers added to SwiftUI framework.

SwiftUI offers new features, improved performance, and the power to do, even more, all while maintaining a stable API that makes it easy to bring your existing SwiftUI code forward into Xcode.

How to build an Onboarding app

One of the main learning objectives is to create a fully-featured Onboarding screen with the new Page Tab View capability provided by the updated SwiftUI  framework.

Users if they want, now they can restart the application by toggle the switch in the Settings screen. That way the app starts the onboarding process and we will see the welcome screen again.

Settings Screen

Every outstanding app needs to have a well designed and thoughtful Settings screen. This iOS application is no exception from that. You will get familiar with many new SwiftUI views and features building this Settings screen.


You can download the pdf workbook file and take a look all of the various iOS app development topics that we’re going to cover in this SwiftUI tutorial.

What will you build in Xcode?

Asset files and Graphics

As you can know by now, this course provides you excellent image assets with high-quality custom app icons as always. This will give you a real-life experience of how an app developer works with a professional app designer together. 

I'm sure that you will enjoy the development process and you will be glad by looking at the finished application.


The vastly improved SwiftUI framework is shipped with a brand new life cycle management API for apps built with SwiftUI let us write our entire app in SwiftUI and share even more code across all Apple platforms. It's providing faster performance, better diagnostics, and access to new controls.


With an all-new design that looks fresh and modern on macOS, Xcode has got many great improvements such as:

  1. Streamlined and much faster code completion,

  2. Universal apps by default to support Mac with Apple Silicon, etc.

  3. Improved Canvas with many new features for Previews

What are the main objectives of this SwiftUI tutorial?

  • How to set up a new iOS project with the new SwiftUI App Life Cycle.

  • How to develop a unique Onboarding screen

  • How to use the new AppStorage with the SwiftUI framework

  • How to delete Todo items and update the database with SwiftUI

  • How to create custom and reusable Views with SwiftUI

  • How to build a complex Settings view with many sections

  • How to use the improved Canvas and Previews in Xcode

  • How to retrieve local data using Structs in Swift language

  • How to display multiple Views automatically with ForEach loop

  • How to create an outstanding Settings view

  • How to add App Icons to the iOS project in Xcode

  • How to support Dark / Light mode user interfaces with SwiftUI

  • How to test the iOS app in Xcode Simulator

  • Get familiar with the new features in Xcode software

What is SwiftUI App Life Cycle?

The new SwiftUI App Lifecycle replaces the UIKit’s App Delegate and Scene Delegate in iOS. There are brand new protocols and property wrappers to reduce boilerplate code such as App protocol, Scene protocol and Window Group protocol.

Official Documentation

What is App Storage?

SwiftUI's new App Storage property wrapper is used to read and write values to the UserDefaults local storage. Every time when this value of the AppStorage property changes in the app, then SwiftUI view is invalidated and redrawn on the screen automatically.

 Official Documentation

SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 - iOS App Development & Swift

From totally beginner to advanced iOS app developer with this complete iOS SwiftUI development course programming in Xcode.


This iOS app development tutorial is part of the SwiftUI Masterclass Course.

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