Let's develop an iOS 14 app and fetch JSON data

Learn how to code an e-commerce app

What will you learn?

In this iOS development tutorial, you will learn how to develop an iOS  application in Xcode editor. Prototyping this american football e-commerce app is not only fun but it shows you many new features in the SwiftUI framework such as Lazy Horizontal Grid layout, Geometry Reader, custom Shape with UIBezierPath and so on.

Learn how to prototype an iPhone app

SwiftUI is a modern way to declare user interfaces for any Apple platform.
 Creating beautiful, dynamic apps is faster than ever before with the Swift programming language.

Moreover, learning iOS App Development with Apple’s native user interface framework and creating remarkable applications is a practical and engaging activity - with the right learning material and teacher.

In this section, we will develop a prototype of an e-commerce application called: Touchdown.

By the end of this class, you will get an outstanding iOS application on your device of choice. With that, you will also learn how to prototype an app rapidly and efficiently.


You can download the pdf workbook file and take a look all of the various iOS  app development topics that we’re going to cover in this SwiftUI tutorial.

What will you build in Xcode?

Asset files and Graphics

Unlike any other learning materials on the Internet, this SwiftUI and iOS online courses provide you asset files premade by a professional designer such as graphic files, images, video files, sound files, etc.

These supplemental learning materials will give you a real-life experience of how a professional app developer works within a real-life environment with UI designers together.

I'm pretty confident that you will enjoy the development process and you will be satisfied by looking at the finished application.

What are the main learning objectives of this iOS tutorial?

  • How to create a modern iOS app

  • How the @Environment property wrapper works

  • How to parse local JSON files with Swift efficiently

  • How to develop a custom navigation bar

  • How to create a custom shape with Shape Path

  • How to store all constants in a separate Swift file

  • How to proportionally resize the size of an item in the Page Tab view

  • How to prototype an e-commerce mobile application

  • How to use the Observable Object property wrapper

  • How to share the data model across the whole application

  • How to optimize the app for different screen sizes

  • How to force the application to use only the Light user interface

  • How to use the horizontal grid layout in SwiftUI

  • How to create smaller view components

What is the @EnvironmentObject?

It is a property wrapper type for an observable object supplied by a parent or ancestor view. The Environment Object allows us to put in arbitrary values into the app's environment. An environment object invalidates the current view whenever the observable object changes.

Official Documentation

What is the @ObservableObject?

It is a type of object with a publisher that emits before the object has changed. SwiftUI provides us the Observed Object property wrapper so that views can watch the state of an external object. When a change happens then it will notify the view when something has changed.

 Official Documentation

SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 - iOS App Development & Swift

From totally beginner to advanced iOS app developer with this complete iOS SwiftUI development course programming in Xcode.


This iOS app development tutorial is part of the SwiftUI Masterclass Course.

Learn how to code an iOS 14 app with SwiftUI
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