Let's develop an iOS 14 app with Core Data

Let's develop a Core Data app with SwiftUI

What will you learn?

In this SwiftUI tutorial, we will develop a task manager iOS application with Core Data integration. This is not a project with a boring user interface. This SwiftUI application provides a personal touch and feel.

Learn how to integrate Core Data with SwiftUI

Apple's Core Data framework helps developers to manage and interact with data on a persistent store. It works on iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or even Apple Watch.

When we start from a brand new project, the easiest way to use the Core Data framework is by enabling the Core Data option on the setup screen. By doing that Xcode will generate all the required file templates with code and the managed object model for us.

This Xcode 12's new Core Data template comes with the SwiftUI app life cycle integration and the required Core Data Model. This is why it is worth knowing how to get started with this new template and how to create a working application.


You can download the PDF workbook file of this Core Data tutorial and take a deep look at all of the various iOS app development topics that we’re going to cover in this app development tutorial in SwiftUI.

What will you build in Xcode?

Asset files and Graphics

Unlike any other learning materials on YouTube, this SwiftUI Masterclass provides you asset files premade by a professional designer such as graphic files, images, video files, sound files, etc.

These supplemental learning materials will give you a real-life experience of how a professional app developer works within a real-life environment with UI designers together.

I'm pretty confident that you will enjoy the development process and you will be satisfied by looking at the finished application.

What are the main learning objectives of this Core Data tutorial?

  • How to integrate Core Data with the SwiftUI App Life Cycle

  • How to get familiar with Xcode's new Core Data template

  • How to create a basic Widget for iOS and iPadOS devices

  • How to develop a Widget sets with different sizes (small, medium, large)

  • How to set up the Preview to test the different Widget sizes on the Canvas

  • How to Create, Read, Update and Delete a database item (CRUD method)

  • How to show SwiftUI views conditionally

  • How to switch from Light mode to Dark mode the app's appearance

  • How to store the app's appearance using App Storage

  • How to create a visual effect with SwiftUI (blur, overlay, display mode)

  • How to add the required assets for the Widget extension

  • How to develop a custom Toggle style and make a checkbox

  • How to improve the User Experience with sound effects

  • Practice how to use Apple's Feedback Generator and implement haptics

What are Widgets?

A widget elevates key content from your app and displays it where people can see it at a glance on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Useful and delightful, widgets can also help people personalize their iPhone Home screens in unique ways. The Widget API was introduced with iOS 14.

Official Documentation

What is the Core Data framework?

Core Data is for save application’s permanent data for offline use, to cache temporary data, and to add undo functionality to your app on a single device.
Through Core Data’s Data Model editor, we define data’s types, relationships, and generate respective class definitions.

Official Documentation

App Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s look at the gallery of this Core Data application using the SwiftUI framework.

iOS 14 app icon
Launch Screen
SwiftUI home screen
Xcode editor
To-do application
iOS 14 Simulators
iOS 14 app with SwiftUI
iOS Widgets
Xcode's Simulators
Setting up a widget
Adding new to-do item
SwiftUI widgets
Launch Screen with SwiftUI
iOS app icon
To-to list
Large widget
To-do list and widget
Xcode editor
SwiftUI visual effects
Light mode in iOS
Home screen
SwiftUI screens

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Learn how to code an iOS 14 app with SwiftUI
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