Learn how to create and advanced app design

Learn how to develop an advanced app design with SwiftUI

Why should we create this app?

Sometimes we feel discouraged. Sometimes we are vastly disappointed too. If so, by practicing solitude we can feel better and focused. This is when we create amazing things. Please join me to develop this beautiful iOS application with SwiftUI.

Do you want to learn advanced iPhone mobile app design with the SwiftUI Framework? Then this hands-on tutorial is for you.

The short story behind this project idea

When it comes to app development and user experience design, then Apple’s standard UI library is a great starting point for each new iOS project. Also, with iPhones becoming mainstream, our perception of design and how user interfaces impact users daily has changed as well.

Having said that, if we want our application to stand out in a crowded marketplace, then we need to learn how to create something new, something unique with SwiftUI. That’s where this advanced SwiftUI tutorial fits in. The main goal of this iOS project is to inspire you on what we can accomplish with the SwiftUI framework.

We will create such an onboarding screen with a custom button that we can not find in Apple’s basic user interface library. Besides that, we will learn how to develop a complex parallax effect which will add depth to this fantastic application.

And by the end of this project, our application will not only look good, but it will feel intimate and delightful while still being unique enough to attract attention and establish a distinguished identity. If you want to learn advanced app design with SwiftUI, then enroll in the class, and I will show you how to integrate design decisions into your apps. 


This iOS app development tutorial is part of the SwiftUI Masterclass Course.

What will you build with SwiftUI in Xcode?

Professional asset files and graphics

Unlike any other learning materials on the Internet, this SwiftUI Masterclass provides you asset files premade by a professional designer such as graphic files, images, video files, sound files, etc. 

These supplemental learning materials will give you a real-life experience of how a professional app developer works within a real-life environment with UI designers together. Learn how to develop an addvanced UI/UX design along with Robert Petras.

Workbook document

You can download the PDF workbook file of this Core Data tutorial and take a deep look at all of the various iOS app development topics that we’re going to cover in this app development tutorial in SwiftUI.


  •   Advanced App Design

    The main goal of this mini project is to inspire you on what we can accomplish with the SwiftUI framework. In this SwiftUI tutorial we will learn how to create a quite complex user interface with Apple’s native UI framework in Xcode editor.

  •   Complex Gestures

    We will create such a custom button with complex SwiftUI gestures that we can not find in Apple’s stock user interface library.

  •   Parallax Effect

    By using multiple movements in the opposite direction (parallax effect) we can add depth to this amazing onboarding screen. 


SwiftUI Masterclass ♥︎ iOS App Development

From totally beginner to advanced iOS app developer with this complete iOS, iPadOS and SwiftUI development course programming in Xcode.

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